Trouble syncing with "local" sync store

Hi –

I’m trying to set up a sync store on a File Transporter using the Transporter Library. I can set up the sync store from one machine, but when I try to connect from the another machine I get this message:

3:04:54 PM: Sync: Courses → Shared Sync Store (Local Sync Store) The file “7F8F52ED-0BC7-4461-B495-9EABFAF87204.lockfile” couldn’t be saved in the folder “Shared Sync Store.dtSyncStore” because a file with the same name already exists. (The operation couldn’t be completed. File exists)

Has anybody had any success doing a sync with File Transporter?


Yeah, I have been getting the same error message. So far all I have done is ensured that my sync is completed, then manually removed the database lockfile.