Trouble using WebDAV Sync w/ QNAP NAS

Hi, I’ve been running a WebDAV sync with my QNAP NAS since DT2 and haven’t had any issues. It was working well through early versions of DT3, but of recent it’s causing a memory leak on my QNAP NAS, triggering system errors on my QNAP, namely the fans on the QNAP NAS have stopped working. I’m wondering if anyone else have any suggestions at troubleshooting this? Thanks!

QNAP NAS firmware ver.
DEVONthink ver. 3.0.4

Have you updated the QNAP recently?

Recent firmware was released on February 14. Wasn’t experiencing issues until mid-March. I must note that the system errors that I’m experiencing aren’t physical, even though they mention that the QNAP fans have stopped functioning. When I go into the /tmp folder and delete “default_dav_rootDEVONthink.dtCloud” the errors go away.

It’s the only report we’ve seen. Development will have to assess this.

Thank you! I’ve started a support ticket with QNAP last week, but I wanted to just put this out there and connect with DT dev’s and users should there be any prior awareness of this issue. Thanks again for the consideration!

No problem :slight_smile: