Trouble when moving to DTTG 2.0.3

Gosh - I have a love hate relationship with DTTG. I managed to get an iPad Mini4 and an iPad 3 working nicely when syncing with a Dropbox datastore from my iMac. Then along comes DTTG 2.0.3 and on the iPad 3 there is no database shwoing at all (after migrating data) and now I can’t even authenticate with the Dropbox Datastore. The iPad Mini 4 has gone through the migration process but now has a small triangle in the cloud at the cottom of the screen and won’t sync.
On the desktop I have checked that there are no Pending instances but there are about 4000 instances not indexed.
I have spent hours since the new sync process has been introduced. It was eventually working beautifully on 2.0.2 and I thought I was able to go overseas with all my stuff on the iPads. I’ve now got stuff on one of them but can’t sync and nothing on another and can’t even authenticate to the Dropbox store.

Every option I try seems to be closed off. DTTG cannot sync with an iCloud drive nor a Local Sync Store which are two options in Office Pro. I don’t want to open accounts with CloudMe nor Box and I don’t have access to a WebDav Server.

What is the strategy that I can adopt to get this issue resolved?

Please start a Support Ticket.

Just upgraded to version 2.0.3 and Sync is now not working in any database, including the global inbox. (using DTPO 2.9.4)

Again… Please start a Support Ticket.

Sorry, it was mission critical that I could use DTTG, I started from scratch and it solved the issue (not nice but it work).

If it worked, it worked. :smiley: