Trouble with deleting files and folders

First of all, let me point out that I have been using the program (DTPO) for only about three days or so. It seems to be a wonderful piece of software and I am really enjoying exploring its potential. This is to say that I am a very new user and I am sure that I have a lot to learn about it.

Now on to the problem that I am having. Yesterday I imported a number of Emails from Mail and my addresses from the Mac Address book. This created a folder entitled “Email and Addresses” in my database. So far so good. I then went on to index some of my folders and files. When I was satisfied that everything was set up the way I wanted it I looked over the list of folders that I created in the database - and noticed that the Email and Addresses folder no longer existed. After a long search I found that it had been moved to the trash. I am sure that I did not delete the folder and I am at a loss as to how it ended up in the trash. I just chalked it up to a newbee error and moved on.

This morning a similar thing happened. I opened a Word (.doc) file from the DTPO database, edited some of the text, saved it and exited from Word. I then noticed that the edited file had been moved to the trash. Again, I know that I did not delete the file.

Any suggestions about what I am doing to cause this? I am being to be concerned that I am going to inadvertently lose some import files by using the program.

Is there anyway to set DTPO to prompt me to be sure that a file should be deleted - something like “Are you sure you want to delete this file or folder”??

Any assistance would be most welcome.



I’ve never had documents or groups moved to DEVONthink’s Trash unless I invoked the command to do that. If that’s done by mistake, immediately afterwards choose ‘Edit > Undo’.

When an item is moved to DEVONthink’s Trash, it is still available for recovery from a database’s Trash file, until the command to ‘Empty Trash’ is invoked (with a warning message displayed) - after which DEVONthink’s Trashes are flushed to the System Trash (in your Dock).

Note that items contained in DEVONthink’s Trashes remain searchable and will be found if they meet search criteria, by using the ‘Databases’ search extent in the full Search window (Tools > Search). If you hover the cursor over an item in search results, the location will be visible.

Thanks for the response. I’ll keep an eye on the trash folder until I am a bit more comfortable with the program. As with most other things, this is most likely a “user error.”

Thanks again.