Trouble with DTPO web server interface

Hi, I have two issues here re: the web server interface + 1 question.

I’m having problems displaying the web server start page. When logging into the server on Safari (5.1.1 on Lion 10.7.2), the start page (…/desktop/index.html) briefly flashes the DevonThink logo, and then goes blank.

When I edit the address to “/desktop/”, the multi-pane browser window comes up. When going to “simple” view, clicking the browse button brings you back to the empty page.

Issue #2 (has been asked before, 2 years ago): when I click a pdf in the browser view, the pdf does not show in the bottom window, but simply downloads and shows up in Preview. I don’t know how this behavior can be changed, since otherwise, pdf documents can show up in the Safari browser window.

And the question: are there any plan to develop the interface further, e.g. to allow for scanning in documents from the browser interface?
Thanks for helping out!

The problem with Safari and the Server mode of DT Pro Office in Lion results from a bug in Lion. Firefox can be used, pending a bug fix.

Who needs to fix this bug? Is it an Apple bug or a DEVON bug? I just saw a post from September identifying this and still no fix.

It’s an Apple bug.

Does Chrome use WebKit too? (I’m assuming it’s WebKit related because I think I saw that mentioned somewhere) Everything works great on iOS devices, but they have their limitations obviously. Is it a true bug, or did Apple change how something works and it’s being chalked up to a “bug” at this point because it’s taken over four months to fix or figure out on Dt’s side? (the other thread I was referring to in my last post dates back to Aug 1)

Over here, the DTPO web server is working with Safari 5.1.4 (released today) on 10.7.3 :smiley: