Trouble with "Move to"

For some reason today, when I try to move a document from the global inbox to a group in a database, nothing happens.

I’ll right click on the document in the inbox, move the cursor down the drop down menu to Move To, then move the cursor to the group I want the item moved to, and when I let go of the mouse button, nothing happens.

This is the way I’ve always moved things from the global inbox to my other databases and I’ve never had any trouble.

Anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be happening and what to do about it?

What is reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?

The log says, for every one I wanted to move, “UUID already in database.” So, I looked, and sure enough, they are in the databases. So now the question is why are they still in the global inbox?

This is impossible to tell, as you could have imported / moved them at an earlier time.

Yes, I see that there’s a possibility that I could have moved them or imported them at an earlier time. In fact, I know that I did move them out of the global inbox to where they belong in the various databases. What I don’t know/understand, however, is how they’ve reappeared in the inbox and are also in the databases.

As an experiment, I deleted one item from the inbox, it still remained in the db, which is good, of course.