Trouble with sorter and Inbox of database

I have two additional inboxes in sorter as link to two databases in DTPO_2.
Name are Office and Privat.
I copy two files in the two inboxes in sorter.
But DTPO_2 don’t work rihgt when I start DTPO_2
First no work was carry out.
Then I click on one inbox named Office of sorter and a message come that DTPO_2 cannot work. I delete the message and than it work.
Mysterious ?
The file in the other inbox named Privat are stupid in sorter, see screenshot

Whats wrong ?


That’s the message,


That error message means that for some reason the Sorter couldn’t find that group in the database. For different kinds of technical reasons it takes a few minutes when DT2 starts before the Sorter may synchronise with it (DT2 can be quite busy). Perhaps during that time something happened that caused this message to appear
And what do you see in the Console (found in Applications > Utilities) when you search for “ERROR”? That normally logs in great detail what the problem may have been.

I repeat some minutes ago and found following in Konsole:

04.12.09 18:26:03 DEVONthink Sorter[188] ERROR: Send to DT2 error: Error Domain=DTErrorDomain Code=1102 UserInfo=0x15c22700 “Kann Gruppe „Eingang“ in der „Privat“ Datenbank nicht finden.” {
NSLocalizedDescription = “Kann Gruppe \U201eEingang\U201c in der \U201ePrivat\U201c Datenbank nicht finden.”;
NSLocalizedRecoveryOptio = (
“Gruppe wiederherstellen”,
“In die Inbox bewegen”,
NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion = “Die Gruppe wiederherstellen und neu versurchen oder den Inhalt in die Inbox verschieben?”;
NSRecoveryAttempter = <DTSErrorRecoveryController: 0x15c21f80>;
“com.devon-technologies.think-sorter.error.record-proxy-object” = <DTSRecordProxy: 0x867100>;

I have two inboxes in sorter and only one message comes.
When I press on Button “Abruch” then the file move in DT2 in right inbox of relevant database.
The other file in sorter do nothing.


That error implies that the unique identifier that the Sorter uses to find that group in the database was changed (no idea what happened on the DT side to cause this since they’re not supposed to change). The best thing to do is to remove it from the Sorter and drag it again from DT to the Sorter. That will solve your problem.

I delete the 2 of 3 inboxes from sorter.
I store both inboxes from databases again in sorter
Now It works with some testfiles.



This problem (and same console errors) cropped up today on DTPO 2.0.1. Sorter has suddenly forgotten where every group in it is and denies the group’s existence (I had loaded all the inboxes for my commonly-used databases into Sorter). Some sort of metaphysical crises with Sorter, it seems. 8)

I’ve deleted and recreated the setup, but it seems odd that this would occur out of the blue.