Trouble working with highlighted text and summarizing or browsing highlights

I have documents of multiple types — web archive, RTF, TXT, PDF — and I have highlighted text in these various documents. I would like to browse from highlight to highlight in the database, and also to extract these highlights.

  1. I tried the “Summarize Highlights” function, but it seems to ignore web archives. Do I need to convert them to something else?
  2. And what about jumping from highlighted text to a highlight in the next document?
  3. The built-in “Documents with Annotations” smart group only lists a single document, when many contain highlighted text. Why?

Web-based documents aren’t support currently, only Markdown, rich text & PDF. Therefore a conversion might be necessary.

This isn’t possible, currently jumping is restricted to one document.

Only PDF annotations are indexed so far.

Thanks. I can work with that.