Troubleshooting "New Rich Text note" Keyboard shortcut

If I understand the symbols correctly, a new rich text note can be triggered with


This isn’t working for me. When I’ve had conflicts in the past with other apps, I’ve quit out of everything else until I found the offender. But this hasn’t worked this time. I’ve also quit out of menubar apps and looked for services that might be causing it.

Are there any other ways of sniffing out shortcut conflicts?


That keyboard shortcut works here.

Generally, when a keyboard shortcut fails, it’s for one of two reasons: 1) the shortcut has been assigned to another action on the computer, or 2) a gremlin has taken residence in the computer.

If a keyboard shortcut is for a Service and has been preempted by assignment of that shortcut for another purpose, a ‘warning’ triangle will be displayed in System Preferences > Keyboard–Keyboard Shortcuts–Services. (This case isn’t a Service.)

Suggestion: Browse through the shortcut listings for “other than Services” in the left column of the above display. Check any keyboard assignments you’ve made, e.g., in DEVONthink to create a Note, etc.