True Document Management System in a multi-user environment

I have been very happy with DEVONthink Pro Office as a personal information assistant - however I am also frustrated, because I find (correct me if I’m wrong) it doesn’t work as a TRUE document management system in a multi-user environment.

As it turns out, our company is now in a situation where we need to step-up to a true document management system which includes aspects such as:

  • user access control
  • version control
  • automatic notification of changes to files or groups
  • etc.

Unfortunately, we will be using DEVONthink as a temporary solution, since we need multiple users to access a singe database (at the very least with the ability to simultaneously add documents).

One of the big weaknesses of OS X in relation to organizations, is the lack of hardcore multi-user software - especially document management.

It would seem to me that this would be a step to move the DEVONthink Pro Office to the next level. Not only from a functional standpoint, but also from a DEVONtechnologies sales perspective it would be very profitable too, since licensing for an organization is no longer for one or two licenses, but for multiples of users needing to access and use the same database.

I would suggest that a program with DEVONthink current feature set (especially version 2!), combined with hardcore multi-user functionality would throw it into a whole new category software usage.

Are there any specific plans of this nature? Or is there possibly a module that would handle that additional functionality?


P.S. Now that I think about it, is there other software that could patch into the DEVONthink database and handle the DMS multi-user functionality?

I used to work for a company that produced asset management software. This is what you’re looking for and these solutions are not cheap. Look for the keywords above and you’ll find plenty of solutions, most of them purely windows or web based. Maybe one day we’ll get there with DEVON but that will not happen in your time-frame.