Trying to capture the actual document date instead of the import date from the sorter

I have read through a bunch of threads and I can’t seem to get clear on whether or not I have the option of capture dates properly to DT using the sorter.

So I find a page like this:

And I convert it to PDF or MD and capture it to DTP.

![Screenshot of DEVONthink 3 (2023-03-22, 7-34-48 PM)|690x352] (upload://w1dO0jGFkAzJ02ilKk5z5gr4wPt.jpeg)

But as you can see, the date (2006) was not captured. Nor was that real date reflected in the added, created or modifed fields. In another thread I saw Jim talking about DOCUMENT DATE but I haven’t had any luck finding that to see if maybe there is a metadata field with the actual creation date of the ORIGINAL post.

I suppose I could capture the webarchive, and then manually select the 2006 date and SET DATE AS and then add the new date to the title and then convert to PDF. I am saying add to the title because I assume if I convert the archive to pdf it will change the creation date to the time of the conversation.

I hope that makes sense.

I suppose for that apparent date to appear in one of DT‘s date fields it must be contained in the HTML metadata. Which is highly improbable for something from 2006.

Using an arbitrary string as a creation date would be irritating in cases where an HTML document contains several dates. Not obvious which one to choose than.

The full URL would be useful. Anyway, Tools > Batch Processing… and an action like this one…

…should definitely work in this case. A smart rule could also automate this.

Thanks to both of you. I had no idea the Document Date even existed.

I created this rule and it works well. However, the “oldest document date” sometimes returns an obviously wrong date. I think it may be finding a date within the text of the document itself.

For the most part this is doing what I dared to hope it might.

Thanks again

All document date placeholders indeed scan the document’s text for dates.

Where else would it be getting the document’s date? :thinking:

From metadata in the HTML.