Trying to condense data into one document

So… I’ve been experimenting and having problems. (Surprise!)

I have added annotations to three documents and tried various ways of using the "Summarize annotations’ links in different menus and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to find any document created from this action.
However, I’ve found that if I select all three and use the ‘Merge’ menu then I get what I thought I would get with the ‘Summarize’ menu. So… that works, but not as I thought.

Next, I tried using the help in this post so that I could add both the filenmae and the url to the annotation, but I cannot seem to be able to do that. Big problem is that on the Insert placeholder, there is no such thing as %documentName%. Also I tried to increase the font to 14 pt but it shows up at 18pt.

Plus I’m uncertain as to the steps needed to have the annotation be as I want. Do I highlight and copy the text I want from the pdf, then paste it into the annotation window and then select the template or copy, then select and then paste? It seems that if put the cursor into the annotation window and then select the template I then have to paste the text into the appropriate area of the template, which doesn’t seem quite right somehow, as most other bits and pieces of DT seem to work more smoothly.

I’m quite sure I’m missing something very obvious, but am unable to see what it is