Trying to get "it"

I am currently using Sticky Brain, but with their current upgrade pricing, I don’t know if I want to upgrade to the new version, so I thought I would try DTPro since I see/hear so much about it.

Are there any SB users who have converted? If so, is it easy to do? I am currently trying DTPro and it seems alright, but I’m not getting exactly how to use it with regard to storing the information I already keep in SB which I want to replace completely if possible.

Currently I use SB to store as much stuff as I can-web pages, reference docs, PDF’s , some passwords (not bank account info), and research materials. I am a community college teacher and want a tool to help me store “stuff” in one place so I can refer to it for classes or presentations and maybe keep me organized :wink:

Are there any recommendations on how to get started learning “it” before my trial expires. I want something to work, but don’t want to settle for SB just because I know how to use it already.

Thanks for any info!


Like you I’ve been using Sticky Brain to store odds and ends, misc. data that I occassionally need to access. I’m very much of a knowledge-manager junkie; I use Notebook (also have NoteTaker), OmniOutliner, TinderBox, and Life Balance. What I liked about DT is the fact that I can store everything in it and (hopefully) find the facts I need when I need it. SB is/was a lightweight database for me, DT is going to be handling a massive amount of data.

I still keep SB since I like the stickies of current reminders/notes onscreen as well as the menu bar access to get to other stickies hidden away. SB is less handy in that respect, so I won’t be using it in a “stickie” sort of way. So… the bottom line is that I’ll use SB for quick access to (mostly) short-term info I need currently and DT for the data I need to access when it’s in pdf files, as well as Word files, webarchives, and countless other pieces of documents that I need to access in my research and teaching.

What I did wrt SB/DT is go through all my SB notes and move most of them over to DT, one at a time. Fortunately, I didn’t have more than about three or four dozen notes. If you have hundreds, then the transition will be more work. I moved all the “encyclopedia” type info to DT. I kept those little bits of info that I need to access quickly in SB (like a note of a job applicant with phone #, email, web site, and a few sentences of resume material - stuff I need to quickly view if I’m calling, or discussing the merits of the applicant to a colleague, etc. - info I’ll delete in a week or two).

Over the past 20 years I’ve generated a mountain of lectures, handouts, web pages, graphics, etc. and DT should be just what I need to archive all that so I can find it when I compile new material from the old.

Hope this helps. - Pierre

I also had been a long-time user of Stickybrain and DT/DT Pro and I primarily used SB for random notes, reminders, etc. while I use DT Pro for reference materials, PDFs, etc. I loaded the trial version of SB 4.0 and ran it until the trial period expired yesterday. Rather than upgrading or reverting back to SB 3.6, I decided that I really did not need both products so I exported all my SB notes to one folder and then copied that folder into DT Pro. I still need to sort through the notes and toss what I no longer need and file the rest, but the process of exporting from SB and importing into DT Pro was seamless. The only feature of SB that I believe I will miss is the contextual menu to grab a selection to a folder of my choice. I can accomplish this by dragging and dropping into group folders in DT Pro, however it was more intuitive to use the contextual menu in SB. For what I saved in the cost of upgrading SB and the simplicity of having everything in one database (DT Pro), I’ll adapt.

I’m at about the same place. The upgrade for Sb doesn’t seem earth shattering to me, yet the more I try DTPro it seems to be where I want to go. I am missing the Grab feature in SB too, but once I learn new methods, I’ll be okay, I think.


Yeah, I miss the contextual menu too, but apparently it’s in the pipeline for DTPro.

Otherwise I find DTPro much much faster. I WOULD like to be able to have different icons instead of those classic folders but that’s the kid in me I suppose.

But the biggest difference for me was/is the amount of ‘menu-work’ you have to learn to do with DTPro. There’s no way all those features could ever be available as buttons in the customizable toolbar, so I guess moving the mouse up, scrolling down, moving right/left, scrolling a bit more and finally letting go is something I’ll get used to…

Overall though, I’m really impressed with DTPro. And as for trial periods, Inetguy, I heard/read you get 100 hours of active use before trial is over with DTPro, so there’s no hurry.

I don’t use SB so can’t add to the discussion. But I was wondering what you were referring to here? If it is the standard icon for folders in the left-hand pane in DT there is a way to customize them. I’ve wasted many a half-hour or so playing with icons for my folders in DT! But it looks oh, so very cool! :laughing:

If this is what you referred to, you can select a folder then click on the information button (Tools → Show Info), click on the folder icon and paste on a new icon just as you can in the finder. I find that first I have to copy and paste the clip art or icon with a Finder item before it will work with DT’s info panel. Don’t know why, and there may be a quicker way, but it’s what I do.

If this is not what you meant, then ignore all this!



Alex, you’re living up to your description of “God”.


Learn something new every day :smiley:

Alexandria, that’s EXACTLY what I meant!

Starting to miss SB less and less.