Trying to set up smart folder for hashtags - FAIL

Hi -

I want to use hashtags of the format #todo or @todo in the body of documents that I create and am hoping to have a smart folder where I can look for all of those. I do NOT want to tag the document as I am using tags for a different purpose and this interrupts my chain of thought when I am taking notes.

I have not been able to create a search that works with either the main search or the smart folder

I want to match either #idea or @idea - I have tried

but in every case, the match collects documents with the word “idea” in them and not JUST the hash-tagged variants.

does anyone have a suggestions?


Non-alphanumerics are ignored in a search.

First, thanks for the quick response!

Second, Wow! - that does not seem to be mentioned in the documentation anywhere that I can find… Is there a document/page/post that fully illuminates the idiosyncrasies of DTP’s search?

I did some basic testing and it suggests that even inside groupings ([a-z]), etc. there is no ability to search for non alpha-numeric characters.

Sort of hard to imagine that there are no workarounds…


You can download a manual from here (though it’s covered in the built-in Help as well): … nuals.html