Trying to sync my DTTG and MacBook Air


I am trying to sync my MacBook Air to DTTG to iCloud. I keep getting “Invalid Encryption Key.”

My settings are as follows on the MacBook:

I checked my encryption key by doing a Spotlight Search>>>DevonCloudy. Covid and used that password.



Location is iCloud and iCloud is turned ON.
Bonjour is off
Conflicts: Duplicate
Schedule: Automatic

Backup: Backup data to iCloud is ON.

Any help would be dearly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

by doing a Spotlight Search>>>DevonCloudy. Covid


To look up a DEVONsync encryption key on a Mac…

  1. Do a Spotlight search for Keychain and open the Keychain Access application.
  2. In the logins section on the left, look for a key named DEVONcloudy Encryption (name of service) like DEVONcloudy Encryption (Dropbox).
  3. Double-click it and check the Show password checkbox. You will be required to enter your Administrative password. (This is the password you use to log into your machine with.)
  4. Press Allow (or Always Allow, if desired) and the password will be shown.
  5. Take note of the password, then quit Keychain Access.

PS: Bonjour sync is the DEVONcloudy Server.

Sorry, the Covid was the work of a hyper spellchecker I think.

I did everything you said before you were kind enough to reply, using a post you had made a while ago on that topic. But what then is the next step?

Should Bonjour be turned on? If so, I have another question: The port number on DTTG is different from that on Mac Book Air. Is that cause for concern or are those different numbers okay?

If Bonjour is to be turned on, then am I correct in thinking that “Enable incoming connections” and “Open Database Automatically” also should be checked as on?

Finally, I somehow managed to get a response from DT3 saying “Inbox: Preparing items for iCloud” and it looked like it ran through all my items/groups. I take it that is normal.

Again, thanks for the quick reply.

You’re welcome.

Bonjour is a separate sync method. Do not enable it on Mac or mobile unless you are actually doing a Bonjour sync.

And yes, it sounds like the iCloud sync went through.

Thank you!!

So what do I do next? The log on DTTG just gave me another “Invalid Encryption Key” as soon as I touched the little cloud with the blue triangle.

You need to use the same encryption key as you did on the Mac.

In DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations, touch the Edit link, then the sync location. Enter the key (or leave it blank if you didn’t use an encryption key when you initially synced), then press Save.

I think we may be getting closer.

I am in the iCloud edit box on DTTG

There appears to be no encryption key. It’s says:

“Encryption key optional
Encryption key again optional”

So should I input the encryption key that pops up in the DT3 Sync dialog box when I hit the “Info” sign at the bottom of the locations column? Yes?

If you specified one when you synced in the Mac, then yes. Otherwise, no.