Trying to sync on File Transporter

I just purchased a Connected Data File Transporter. I’ve been using DropBox to sync my global inbox and a few databases and so far this has worked flawlessly. I’ve read the help document regarding syncing and it was pretty straight forward, but I do have a few questions.

I have my MacMini(MAIN) and MacBook that I would like to keep synced. On my MacMini, under Pref>Sync; I select my inbox and created a new local sync store and stored it on my File Transporter. On my MacMini, I selected my inbox and “add existing local sync store” and selected my sync store located on the File Transporter.

One problem is the File Transporter is very new to me (hours) and I can’t determine if it is the drive or I’m setting the sync up incorrectly. Is this the correct setup?

Also in Help, it defines a sync store as: “A folder containing one or more databases in a special syncable format; sync stores can reside on any mountable volume, e.g., a hard disk, a file server, or even a USB stick, or on services such as Dropbox or WebDAV.”

I’m reading that as I can set up DevonThink on my MacMini to sync my inbox along with other databases to a single sync store. Is that correct or do I need to create an inbox sync store and receipts sync store, and so forth…

Thanks for any input.

Though you could create a new syncStore for each you don’t need to.

Tyler, off topic:

How’s the Transporter working for you? Though it’s advertised as “off-cloud, peer-to-peer” it seems you still need to be tethered to Connected Data – at least through their software, and maybe through a service? I would be concerned that if Connected Data (the company) vanished, then everything would stop working.

That was/is a concern for me, also. You are, more or less, tied into having their software installed on your devices. In my opinion, Dropbox could be bought out by Apple or Amazon. I really don’t see how Dropbox can continue to charge 2x the amount of money as it’s competitors. I suppose your data would be transferred over, but who knows how well that would go…

There are many things that I like about File Transporter. I love having the ability to physically hold “my cloud”. I love the ability to have another File Transporter at my sisters house hundreds of miles away and allowing the two of them to sync. I’ve always told myself that I need to buy another external HD and leave that HD at a friends house for off-site backup. Call me lazy, but the thought of having to pick the HD up every so often and perform a backup and back off-site just seemed troublesome. Now, it’s obviously dead simple.

I also like the way it looks…

I also liked the price and think it’s very reasonable (especially 10% off coupons).

As far as the product, so far I’m really liking it. It’s not nearly as “fluid” as dropbox is, but I didn’t expect it to be given the age of the product. I’ve had to use the web-interface (similar to Dropbox) for somethings that I wish I could do in Finder. It’s also missing the ability to pause your sync. It does work, though and I think all the problems will be addressed. They seem to update it very often and listen to user feedback/suggestions.

I really think they have a good product and I think there will be a lot of industries out there that will go crazy for something like this, so I do have a good feeling about the longevity of Connected Data.

But if the company does go belly up, I still do have the physical drive that I can format and use…