Trying to track my Amazon orders better

I brought up my orders page, I was logged into Amazon, I tried both ways using the extension as was as the share option but all I got was a page saying Amazon Signin

How do I capture a page from amazon.

Any other ideas to use DevonThink to better track orders. I want to be able to track when they. are received as well.

Amazon Orders Devonthink not capturing.pdf (29.9 KB)

Why don’t you shop and capture from Amazon within DEVONthink?

If in a browser to interact with Amazon,

  1. save the order page to PDF to DEVONthink
  2. save the invoice page to PDF to DEVONthink
  3. save Amazon’s email confirmation email to PDF to DEVONthink.

Plus probably a zillion other ways, but above is what I do.