Trying to troubleshoot half of files missing if I either import or index files from a Finder folder (only 120 of 318 files imported / indexed)

I have a perfectly normal Finder folder containing a mix of 318 RTF and RTFD files.

I tried both import and index, and in each case, I see only part of the files in the DT target group.
The reason I tried both import and index is that I first intended to index and noticed files missing, so I also tried import. I am not doing both import + index at the same time.

What I tried:

  • I repeated both the import and the index (separately of course, deleting all files in the DT group between tests). Sometimes only 121 are imported / indexed. Other times 171. Other times 181.
  • update index did not help
  • reindex spotlight in my mac

What I noticed:

  • in DT, the files are listed alphabetically and the import/index seems to stop at a certain letter.
  • there are no DT error messages

thank you

Anything logged to Windows > Log? Do you use any smart rules which mich immediately process the imported items (e.g. remove duplicates)?

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I repeated the procedure - only 121 out of 318 indexed.

. windows → log - nothing
. no smart rules. Definitely no remove duplicates
. no import process

I think that I found the problem

If I select a group → File → Index Files and Folders → I open the folder in Finder → ⌘A to select all files → I scrolled down and noticed not all files are selected (contrary to what happens in Finder, Pathfinder etc). Highlighted files stop at a certain letter of the alphabet (nothing after filename starting with letter C)

I then selected the first file → scroll down the file list → shift select the last file (to insure all files are highlighted) → all 318 files were successfully indexed into DT

You can also index folders/files selected in the Finder via drag & drop and holding the Command-Option modifier keys.

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great to know. I am learning … slowly. My wife says that I am not very intelligent.

I have a question concerning drag and drop. I have been using it less because I did not find a way to expand the databases and groups to file directly in the appropriate group during the capture. There must be a way.

thank you


The groups are automatically expanded after a short delay.

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