Trying to understand how the automator workflows um, work...

I have recently upgraded to Pro Office, and have been getting all my stuff organized!! Finally!! It is wicked. I am trying to set up a file that I drag images and files into, and have Pro Office auto import into my database. I have 2 websites, and have set up a database for each, with a file for each in my downloads folder where I drop images and wordpress backups.

I have set up a workflow from the sample workflows that when I run within automator imports everything in the file. But I must be missing something. I have to run the workflow in order for the action to happen. I thought that if I dropped anything into the folder, then it would run automatically. I haven’t used workflows before or automator(as may be obvious by my question…). So, how do I get the workflow to run automatically when I drag items to the folder?



You will have to save your workflow as a plugin of the type “Folder Actions”, check the Apple System Help for more information.

Thank you! That is slick…

That seems to get the workflow going, but the only thing that I have to do manually, is point it to the group everytime, even though when I saved the workflow, I selected the group. Is it because I have the images importing into a subgroup, or do I need to amend something in the workflow?

For the Select Current Group action, you may need to switch off the “Show this action when the workflow runs” under the Options button of that action.

Thanks. That worked great!

I’m having a problem with this automator script, it keeps crashing and giving me a “The problem may have been caused by the set-group plug-in”

If I enable the “Show workflow option in automator” the plugin works fine and imports correctly, however I have to manually select the folder. As started in this posting, I turned it off and it crashed. Any Ideas?