Trying to use DevonThink Pro with scan plugin, crashed!

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a powerful software package for my Mac to organize all of the paper work in my home. DevonThink was recommended for this purpose.

I have a relatively new, HP all-in-one, the 8600. It’s a pretty good scanner. My Mac is running Mountain Lion. I followed the directions to install the Beta III version of the Devon scan plugin and tried to get it to work for scanning directly from my HP into DevonThink.

When I scanned a document the scan proceeded until the last page was done and then DevonThink crashed with an exception. This also resulted in a corrupted database.

Any thoughts?

Please send the crash report to support (at) devon-technologies dot com. Thank you.

Similar problems, though I cant get to scan to invoke at all. HP6500A.

I’ve mailed in my crash report.