Turn Bookpedia export into useful DTP data?

It would be great to have access to my Bookpedia data in DTP preferably in a table view like it is in the program.

So far all of the exporting options I’ve tried just give me a text list of one sort or another. Two of the option categories are tab delimited and CSV. So how do I turn this text back into usable data in DTP? I’m thinking there must be some way to turn it into a sheet. I don’t think I’ve got it in me to cut and paste that list into 526 RTFs so that they are searchable and useful.

This is a biggie. If I can get that data into DTP that is going to give me access to a LOT more of my info for time when I need it. In other words I’ll be very grateful for the tip on this one.

If the exported file has a .tab, .tsv or .csv extension, then DEVONthink Pro should import it as a sheet.

Christian, thanks for your response on this. It is a long story, but they are csv and tab files from bookpedia, but the export options end up naming them as txt, rtf, etc. Going on a hunch based on your post I tried just renaming the file .csv (since the content is csv). Voila, I finally ended up with a table that I can use. This is a relief since a text file list of 500+ books isn’t of much use to me.

Thank you,