Turn filename into tag

Is there a simple way to turn the filenames of selected files into tags in DT?

May I ask why you’d want to do this?

Because I have a lot of files with names I would like to convert to tags.

I make use of filenames, and tags
Are you planning to tag multiple files with the same tag-filename?
A process I use is to move the files to a group with the filename
There’s also an option to tag the files with the groupname

I’m reorganizing my whole naming/tagging system, and certain (not all) files are currently named in a way that I’d like to generate a tag from their filenames before I rename them. Hope that makes sense.

I still don’t see the point
however I could use an applescript to implement this

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Smart rules or batch processing are actually sufficient, see Add Tags action and insert the appropriate placeholder.

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That worked, thanks for the help!