Turn off prompting for info on scan?

Is there a way to turn off prompting for info after a scan? Seems like 1.0 had this option but I can’t find it anywhere in 2.0?



Yes, just as in DTPO 1.5.4, uncheck “Set attributes” in Preferences > OCR.

Like you, I turn off that prompt to enter information, as it stops the queue of PDFs awaiting OCR while waiting for me to respond.

It also, as posted in another thread, seems to cause PDFs to bloat to 2-3x their size!

As I always have Preferences > OCR - Set attributes unchecked, I hadn’t bothered to see whether or not there might be size differences related to the state of Set attributes.

I did a series of 6 scans on a 2-page document scanned and OCRd to DTPO2. All scans were in black & white at 300 dpi.

ScanSnap, with and without Set attributes checked.
CanoScan LIDE 500F, File > Import > Document (with ExactScan), with and without Set attributes checked.
CanoScan LIDE 500F, File > Import > Document (via Image Capture), with and without Set attributes checked.

In each case, the smallest searchable PDFs were produced with Set attributes unchecked.

The 2-page document contained a mixture of graphics and text. The most readable were those produced by the ScanSnap, the ExactScan (only slightly less quality than the ScanSnap) and Image Capture (visibly less sharp), in decreasing order of quality.

The sizes of the captures with Set attributes unchecked, in decreasing order, were: ScanSnap, 446.9 KB; ExactScan, 420.8 KB; Image Capture, 377 KB.

Comment: Different scanners and different scanner software will produce variations in size of PDFs from the same copy. For example, the image-only PDF of that 2-page document scanned in black & white at 300 dpi had a size of 276 KB from the ScanSnap with ScanSnap Manager and 120 KB from the CanoScan LIDE 500F with ExactScan. (That’s probably why the searchable PDF produced by the ScanSnap looked a bit better than the one from ExactScan.)

When OCR is performed on the image-only PDF output from the scanner, the image layer is re-rasterized, resulting in an increase of the size of the searchable PDF. In all cases, DTPO2 Preferences > OCR was set for 150 dpi and 50% image quality in the final searchable PDF.