Turn smart rules off/on

As I get more and more familiar with smart rules, I’d like to see a visible way to turn them off and on, either a checkbox (as Hazel does) or greying out or italicizing the rule name. I’d also like this function in a context menu by right or control-clicking on the name. Or perhaps by dragging/moving into an “inactive” subgroup (and yes, grouping of rules is also something I’d like to see.)

For me this would be useful in testing rules, or in having rules that are used for one type of process and a counterpart rule for an alternate, or infrequently used.

I realize that I can set the rule to “on demand” but this takes an extra step and more importantly does not show me which rules are active and which are not.

Thanks for your consideration.


The request is noted. Development will have to assess this.