turning off inherited Labels in DTP2?

IN DTP2, Folders with a Label pass on their Label to all documents created within them. This is a very nice feature sometimes, but not one that I want all the time. I couldn’t find any way round it via the various “Exclude From” options in the Information Panel.

Is there some way to turn off inheriting Labels, either globally or on a case by case basis?

With thanks for any help.

There’s no such possibility right now. We might add a global preference if there’s going to be enough demand.

Yes please.
Inheriting Labels prevents me from using labels on groups at all.


I agree here. Auto-inherit isn’t what I’d want from a behavior.

I would like to add my vote for being able to turn off inherited labels. :slight_smile:

Add me to the list of the discontented. Like the above poster, I’ve just stopped using labels until I have the option to auto-inherit or not.

Label inheritance seems disabled in DTP 2.0pb3 (a very good thing, IMO), but I hadn’t added/removed any labels in previous 2.0 betas to actually see it happen. The two things I checked:

• Adding a label to a group didn’t change any labels of its subordinates
• Items added to a labeled group didn’t inherit the label

Am I missing something? The first case would have been disastrous if previously labeled items were unexpected relabeled by adding/changing their parent group’s label, possibly going unnoticed if in a view where the list of contained items wasn’t currently visible. The second case would be much less drastic and more easily noticed/undone.

I’d at least like Release Notes to be very explicit/obvious about changes that can have dramatic consequences if users are unaware of them, e.g. the first case just mentioned. Pre-announcing such changes (whenever possible) would also be appreciated. And for me the blog (and its RSS feed) is more effective for quickly noticing announcements than the forum.

I just tested this one by creating a new text file within a labeled group: on my system labels are (unfortunately) still inherited. It seems that dragging in something does not inherit the label (is this consistent behaviour for those who like labels to be inherited?)
I hope the option to change this behaviour will come soon.


Thanks for the followup. I’ve now reproduced label inheritance using Data > New > … (or equivalent) commands and relevant ones under the Services menu, but not with other methods (e.g. dragging, duplicating, replicating).

If Dtech won’t allow us to disable label inheritance (for shame! :cry:) at least a detailed explanation of when it will/won’t occur would be appreciated. No one wants to end up with an unexpected mix of a (un)labeled documents in labeled groups caused by inheritance differences.

The ability to choose would be great, but I for one do like inheritance most of the time.

Just wanted to register one vote to ensure it’s not removed entirely.

The next beta will disable inherited labels and therefore please don’t request it afterwards again :wink:

Thanks, Christian. Glad I’m not on the side of disappointment with your decision about this, like I was after trying to persuade you to implement absolute dates in the History window (but fortunately found a Smart Group workaround in v2). :slight_smile: