Turning off Sorter Permanently?

DevonThink Pro is a login item for me.

Every time I reboot my computer I have to go DT and “quit” the sorter, since I don’t need or want this particular option.

Is there no way to have this preference “stick”? I have to do it anew every single time I reboot. Irritating.

– Gerry

Didn’t you ask, and get an answer to, the same question back in May? Linky

Sorter is also a log in item. You can throw it away, then it shouldn’t start again. Here it works.

I asked about turning it off. I did not realize it was it’s own program with it’s on login item and would continue to turn itself back on again, despite my preferences settings.

Thanks for the info!

– Gerry

we had all the same problem :wink:

You did back in May:

I didn’t realize that the Devon Sorter program was in there as its own program.


Not to say that I"m not stupid, and that you’re not smart enough to prove it, but in my low-IQ world a separate program is different from a program that log’s in on its own.

Awaiting correction…

– Gerry

I don’t see what the problem is here. The sorter is a separate application, but not an ordinary one. It can be turned on only by DTPO. It will appear in the list of login items only if “show at login” is checked in its DTPO preference pane. Then it will start at login. You cannot start it in any other way except by pushing the “show” button in the DTPO preference pane or by running an apple script that tells DTPO to turn the sorter on. If you want to turn the sorter off “permanently”, uncheck the “show at login” box and never press the “show” button.


Actually you see exactly what the problem is: The information you use to clarify the situation was not understood by me, and that was the problem. I don’t default my thinking to one feature or other of a program to being a separate application that has it’s own startup-at-login activity. Even after being made aware of it, at some point, I found myself forgetting that it worked that way.

I’ve run a few hundred programs in the past 20 years on a Mac. I’ve seen very few, if any, that worked this way. That doesn’t make it bad or good or evil, it’s just not something I understood immediately. Once DT2 is fully completed and has a manual to accompany it, I am sure it won’t be any big stumbling block to it’s success.

– Gerry

I’m glad I could help. I’ve found the sorter frustrating to use & difficult to control in my two-screen set-up, so I have turned it off for now. Like you, I look forward to better documentation.


DEVONtechnologies updates and publishes complete documentation for all versions of DEVONthink, for every beta release. The DTP manual, updated for public beta 6, is nearly 400 pages, so it is as complete as a manual can be. All of the manuals can be found at this link.

Thanks, Greg. I was expecting all documentation, including PDF files, to be accessible via the Help Menu, as it is in some other apps. I’ll make this a feature request.


Steve, the complete documentation is in online Help – accessible under the Help menu.

There’s a link to PDF documentation on the Download page. The PDFs are available in Print and Screen formats.

Bill and Greg–thanks for the references. The screen pdf is especially useful, and I appreciate the trouble that DT went to in putting the manual into both formats.


As I reported in another post, I successfully put the sorter where I wanted it to be in my two-monitor set up, and I regularly use it now.