Twitter lists

Is it possible to pull in a Twitter user feed along with a list they have made? For instance,

I am trying to pull information about Country musicians into a database in DT. Twitter would be a useful information source.



Twitter is closed. Unless Devonthink offers an official way to communicate with Twitter there is no way to import the data into other systems. They now also have removed their RSS feeds. You might want to try alternatives like, which are more open.

I was and am still ‘following’ some tweets by reading them as RSS with DEVONthink Pro Office. After Twitter has removed the old API, I’m currently using

In case of devontech’s tweet the URL to paste into DEVONthink would be

Searching the web, it seems there are also solutions available for folks geekier than me and who knows how long the one linked above will stay, but as said, currently it works.