Twitter Search

Every time I do a search, I have to click ok on the DevonAgent would like access to Twitter Accounts. What is the right way to get this to be accepted for the application?

What OS are you running?

OSX 10.11.4

I have the same issue that it asks for permission each time, but I get no results even after granting access.

Unfortunately a bug of El Capitan, granting access doesn’t work as long as you didn’t already grant access before upgrading to El Capitan (e.g. on Yosemite). We’re still trying to work around this.

Thanks for the explanation. Any idea of when this might work or again or do you know any work-arounds in the meantime? I’m trying out devonagent pro but twitter search is critical for my work so hesitant to buy without knowing that it will work soon.

The only known but really cumbersome workaround is to downgrade to Yosemite, to grant DEVONagent access to Twitter and to upgrade to El Capitan afterwards.

Good news. It seems that the bug was fixed in OS X 10.11.5 since I managed to allow access to Twitter after upgrading.


I’m on 10.11.5 and I get the same issue where DAP won’t search in Twitter and just keeps asking for credentials. Twitter’s set up in the OSX System Prefs for Internet Accounts.

Are we sure it’s fixed in 10.11.5?

Does anyone know about Sierra? I’d consider upgrading, now that it’s been out for a while.



I strongly suggest you don’t, at this point. Apple has broken some fundamental things with PDFs in Sierra. If your work involves PDFs and OCR, I would hold off.