Two bugs in webserver interface

In the webserver interface:

  1. URLs entered into the URL field in the info box are not reflected in the file interface although they are stored in the DT database.

  2. The upload box has a field for entering notes but these notes dont appeared to be stored anywhere. Searching for text into the note box brings up nothing once a file has been uploaded.

The web interface is very nice. I really hope it will be extended in time to incorporate more of DT’s functionality.

Thanks, Frederiko

Thanks for your feedback on the web sharing interface.

The note that in the upload document field is stored as the “Spotlight Comment”, to see this in the DEVONthink application select the entry and select the menu option Tools->Show Info. In the web interface select the item and press in the toolbar info button.

Does the URL get updated in the DEVONthink application?