Two computers, two editions of DT: questions from a newbie

I am planning to purchase DTPro. I’m using the Beta trial right now. I’m a graduate student beginning dissertation work.

I have an older ibook for my personal computer and a 2007 imac for use at work/school. I have installed Leopard on my laptop (which runs fine), but the school computer–though much more powerful and speedy–only has OS 10.5 Tiger installed. I’d rather use my limited funds to purchase a DTPro license than to buy a Leopard (or snow leopard) license for the office computer – I can’t do both for at least the next six months to a year.

Here are the questions: If I purchase DTPro 2.0 beta to install on the ibook, could I also download a legacy version of 1.0 for use on the office computer (using the same license key)? If I did that, what problems might I have in sharing files between databases in the two versions? (I don’t plan to be doing a lot of really complicated stuff. I work in the humanities (philosophy, intellectual history, theology).

Thanks for any help you can give!

The database formats between DTP 2.x and 1.5 are not compatible. So you cannot share databases. You could share documents by exporting from one, and importing to the other.

Might be a good time to see about upgrading that work computer… sure would do a good job running Snow Leopard I’m sure :wink: