Two databases open simultaneously?

I’m wondering if one can have two (or more) DT db’s open at the same time. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between my database and the tutorial, so it can get kind of annoying. If that can’t be done, is it planned as a feature in the future? If not, what keeps that from being possible? Thanks.


I believe it has been said that this will be a future feature (version 2.0? Enterprise version?). Having said that, I think that in general people need to carefully consider whether or not you want to keep things in multiple databases. Given the capabilities of DT, it seems that in a lot of circumstances it would be counterproductive to keep things separate because many of the “AI” features appear to become more refined as more items are properly categorized within the DB. Also there might be hidden relationships (or future unknown relationships) between the materials that you are keeping separate that DT might locate. At any rate (and we’ve discussed this elsewhere in these forums) the user should carefully consider the logic of their approach and workflow before deciding how to divvy up data between databases. Mine is all in one giganitic whopper of a DB so far and it’s funny the things DT makes me think of when I do searches, “see also”, etc.


How do I pull the tutorial into my main database then? Thanks for the help.

Here’s the how to:

[1] Open the Tutorial database. Select all of its contents – e.g., in Vertical Split view, select an item in the left column and press Cmd-A to select all.

[2] In the menu bar, select File > Export > Files & Folders. Choose as the destination a target folder that you have created for that purpose (a good name for the target folder would be something like “DT Pro Tutorial 1”). Click on OK.

[3] Open the database to which you wish to send the Tutorial export material. In the menu bar, select File > Import > Files & Folders. Choose the folder that holds the material. Choose OK. That’s it!

Tip: You may wish to exclude the tutorial material from your database’s classification scheme. To do that, select the top level Tutorial folder, Show Info and check the box to exclude it from classification.

Tip: This illustrates how easy it is to transfer large blocks of information between databases, or between computers.


Hmm, I just had an idea in this regard and tried it out. Someone should say whether it is a bad idea or not, but with Quicksilver there is a command to “Launch another copy” of an application, so it is possible to run 2 copies of DT and thus have 2 databases open. (The second copy tried to open the “default” database, but naturally found it “already open”, but then I could open the Tutorial DB with it).

Yes, that’s possible. Just watch out for confusion with OS X Services transfers, transfers from DEVONagent, etc.

Also, running multiple instances of DT (and other apps) that share a single preferences file may have unexpected and undesirable side effects.