Two different URLs for a webarchive record? Which one is tested in Applescript?

When I have a webarchive record it shows me one URL in the top line of the document:

However when I look at the info pane of the record I see another (here shorter) URL:

Why is that? And which of these two URLs is accessed in Applescript in the commands:

  1. exists records with URL <url>
  2. lookup records with URL <url>
  3. create web document from <url>
  4. set url of <rec>

AppleScript uses the URL property (see Info inspector). Which OS & browser did you use to create the web archive?

No idea. Probably macOS with the then current version of Safari…

And the web archives were created by the Sorter?

No, probably Safari “Save as”…

I couldn’t reproduce this on 10.15.5, both after clipping via the Sorter or saving in Safari.

I think the problem is redirection:

The url from the top toolbar of the webarchive (from Dec 2018) is:

However when I now go to this URL the site redirects me to - the address we find in the inpector.

Does this mean the Metadata URL gets sometimes updated while there is another place where a webarchive saves the source url in a non-changing way?

Web archives are never automatically updated, actually no document gets automatically changed. When was the web archive created/last modified?

See this secreen shot:

However I just found out that the url in the inspector is not but as it should -The inspector pane just showed the first line! :rofl: :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Mystery solved!