Two DTTG versions + Two sync methods?

I searched the forums, but could not find the answer. I may be missing it. Either way, this may be a simple question (if a bit newbie-ish. :slight_smile: )

Q: Can I use two different sync methods to sync a database between newer and older versions of DTTG? Are there any conflicts, issues, risks, missing features, etc?

My current setup is:

  • 2018 MacBook Pro running DEVONthink 3.7.2
  • iPhone 11 Pro running DTTG 3.1.3
  • Sync via CloudKit

I have an old iPad Air on which I would like to install DTTG. Unfortunately, the newest iOS it runs is 12.5.4. This means the newest version of DTTG I can run is 2.7.9, which of course cannot use CloudKit.

Can I sync my DT3 database to iCloud (Legacy) - or Dropbox - to sync with DTTG2 on the iPad Air?

I believe the sync databases are separate, so multiple sync methods should not be a problem by itself, but I don’t know about mixing versions of DT. (Is there any risk? Is there any information that doesn’t sync?)

Prior to DTTG3 + CloudKit, I used iCloud to sync, though am open to Dropbox if necessary (eg, if the two iCloud syncs cannot be used simultaneously).

Thanks for any guidance!

You can use several different sync methods. You might consider whether you need to use cloud syncing - Bonjour is fast and local and doesn’t require a sync store. When using two different cloud sync stores and methods you lose some of the advantages of using cloud syncing anyway: a change on one iOS device won’t be reflected to the other until it has been uploaded from that device, downloaded to DT3 and reuploaded from there to the other sync store, and then downloaded to the other iOS device. Unless you use both sync stores on all devices, which I believe is not recommended and certainly doesn’t make sense.

Remember you will need twice the space on iCloud if using two different iCloud sync methods. And remember that you could use just one sync store and method if you choose one which is available on both your iOS devices (so iCloud legacy, Dropbox, CloudMe, Bonjour…) - that’s the route I would be choosing.

We do not suggest syncing the same database to more than one cloud-synced location, e.g., CloudKit and Legacy.

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Even with each device syncing to a different location and only one device (e.g. the Mac) syncing to both locations?

If you mean for example the Mac is syncing database A to CloudKit and Legacy, while the iPhone is syncing with iCloud and the iPad is syncing with Legacy, no we don’t advocate it.

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Cheers; yes, that’s what I understood the OP to be wanting to do. So @devynosborne, don’t :wink: That leaves you either syncing the iPhone via CloudKit and the (old) iPad via Bonjour (you can sync the iPhone via CloudKit and Bonjour if wanted), or you should select a sync store (such als iCloud legacy, Dropbox, CloudMe) which all your devices can access, and use that (instead of CloudKit).

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Thanks for clarifying.

Thanks for this suggestion. I didn’t even think of it! :man_facepalming:

I might try the CloudKit + Bonjour solution, but will probably just go with a single cloud sync. The simpler, the better.

@BLUEFROG, @Blanc - Thanks to you both, this has been very helpful!

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fyi i use cloudkit and bonjour. bonjour faster and more reliable leaving cloudkit little to do.

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Interesting! I’ll have to think about my needs a little more. Since I’m currently working from home, my need for cloud syncing is actually probably minimal… :thinking:

@Blanc - This seems like it would be cause for conflicts, no? (or I don’t fully understand syncing, which is probably more the case). That is, if I’m home with MacBook open, what happens when my iPhone syncs with both CloudKit and Bonjour?

@rmschne - Perhaps you can expand a little on your exact setup?

nothing complicated.

i have about a dozen databases. all accessible in an iMac. i have the most important ones synced to macbook via Bonjour, Webdav on internal Synology NAS. As i am not travelling at the moment with macbook cloudkit is disabled. i keep the databases holding my current work and notes and a so-called reading database (replicates of items i intend to read) on iphone and ipad which sync via bonjour, and cloudkit (latter useful when out and about).

i do not attempt to sync the big databases to iphone and ipad as no need and just clogs up those devices.

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Magic happens :star2:

I use 2 Macs, 1 iPhone, 1 iPad. All have DT/DTTG installed. All sync 6 databases via Bonjour (local, fast, secure); 2 of those databases are additionally synced via a cloud service; the two Macs sync a seventh database via Bonjour. No conflicts, no trouble, it just works :slight_smile: I don’t want to sync all my databases via a cloud service because as a matter of principle, I (and the legal eagle) think some documents are confidential enough that they simply shouldn’t be in the cloud (because one day quantum computing will destroy all our current encryption with the bat of an eyelid and then bla bla oh dear and so on; yes, I’m slightly paranoid).

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

Wow, this is great. I do like the sound of fast (and secure) Bonjour syncing, with CloudKit as a secondary sync for when I’m out and about.

Between working from home and the way I use DT, I don’t actually need remote sync that often (or even the near-instantaneous that comes with cloud syncing, versus needing to have the laptop open). And the iPad will never be used out of the house anyway (or at least not away from my laptop; eg, when traveling).

Hmmmm… maybe you all have convinced me to go Bonjour + CloudKit. :grinning:

It’s definitely a good combination for many people.