Two duplicate views in column view?

When I set the view to widescreen and column view, I click on the Group on the left, which gives me a list of documents to the right. But when I click on a document, it often shows me two things: a sort-of Info page with a blurry thumbnail that’s large, and an actual preview beside it. This shoves the list off the screen to the left so I can’t click on the next document. This always happens in Feeds, and sometimes on other documents.

Can I hide this strange info column?

When I resize that column smaller, the rightmost column that shows the document can be dragged over it to hide it temporarily, but when I move the screen so I can see the document list, everything is resized and the list again goes off to the left. This is an unpleasant & time-consuming way to scroll through all the feed documents I’ve received.

So I’m hoping there’s a way to make this strange little info screen disappear forever. Thanks!

View > Hide Details.

Look at you, making at all so easy! Much appreciated.

No problem :slight_smile: