Two feature requests

  1. I have a Smart Group showing me items that have not been tagged yet. It would be useful if I could set up the criteria by saying: Tag is Empty / Not Set / ???

What I current need to do is to setup several criteria where I say: Tag is not XXX

My list is getting long and cumbersome.

  1. When importing emails, it would be useful for the count to ignore already imported emails when the Hide Imported item is checked.

I would like to be able to use the count to know which folders have items that have not been imported.

  1. Also, when importing messages, I would like to be able to select the Apple Mail item at the top and import everything beneath it that has not been imported yet. Currently, I need to selected a particular folder and then press the import button for each.

Or, are some or all of these things possible and I am unaware of how to do them?

It would be useful if I could set up the criteria by saying: Tag is Empty / Not Set / ???

Doesn’t Item is not Tagged provide what you’re looking for?

The request is noted, with no promises.

Apple Mail isn’t a mailbox, so no it can’t be imported. Also, this could lead to an application stall if someone had a very large volume of emails in the mailboxes. We advocate importing sub-mailboxes when possible.

Isn’t that identical to the condition Item is not tagged?

Thank you. I had not spotted that option yet. Yes, Item is not Tagged does work.

I am looking for an easier way to import email which avoids the need to press the same button multiple times after making multiple different selections. I should be able to select a parent, press the button once, and have it act in the same way as if I had selected each sub-mailbox individually.

The Archive button handles submailboxes too.