two imports - how to merge groups ?

I did two imports from mail aps at six months intervals to archive my mails (first one I was with Entourage, second I was with Apple Mail).
although mailboxes (apple Mail) or Folders (Entourage) hierarchies are similar, if not identical (some appeared, some disappeared in the six months) I end up in my Database with one group Apple Mail and then as sub-groups my Apple Mail boxes structure and another one headed Entourage and the folders structure as sub-groups. What I want is to end up with only my boxes/folders structure but if I “slide” a sub-group of Apple Mail group into its proper location in the Entourage group I get two sub-groups with same heading and I will have to move manually messages from one to the other to consolidate every messages into one subgroup only…


Is there a better solution to do this or has anyone written a script that does this for me ?

Not one single answer ? Am I out of my mind asking this ? Is this a readily available feature I did’nt spot ?
Thanks for letting me know.

You have two independent email applications, each of which is independently being accessed by DEVONthink Pro Office. Entourage isn’t aware of the structure or content of your Mail messages, likewise Mail isn’t aware of Entourage.

Each of the two database archives is designed to be capable of update, so must match the structure of the email collection to which it refers.

If you wish to merge content of the two independent archives, I suspect the best approach would be to replicate the messages into new groups (outside the archives) that can merge them in the way you desire.