Two issues: replicate/duplicate icon and recent databases

Ran into two problems.

  1. In one of my databases, I’ve lost the ability to use the contextual menu to replicate or duplicate an item with regard solely to the icon appearing next to the file. The documents replicate/duplicate, but are not marked as such. Using the drop down menu triggers the icon as intended. My other databases don’t exhibit this problem.
  2. My main DTPRO window no longer shows recent databases, no does the drop down menu. Did I inadvertently flip a switch?

Thanks for any help/advice.


  1. Look at Preferences > General > Appearance and see if “Mark duplicates and replicants in color” is checked. If so, the icon does not appear, but duplicates are shown with blue titles and replicants with red. If you have odd behavior with a database you should reboot, and if issues persist then consider Rebuilding the database – backing it up, first.
  2. If a database is open or listed in Favorites, then it will not appear in Recents. If you cleared the Recents menu, then nothing will appear in Recents. See File > Open Recent > Clear Menu. There’s no way to undo clearing the menu – just wait.

Thanks for the suggestions, Korm.

Rebuild didn’t resolve the issue, but it did point me in a direction. After deleting groups and replicants, then recreating both, the issue resolved.

Re Recent Databases, the only solution was to uninstall DTPRO and reinstall. That gave me back the function of being able to see recent databases in both the sidebar and the menubar.

Again, I appreciate your quick response, and steering me in the right direction.