two more problems setting up DA

Hi Folks,

I have struck two further difficulties with DA which no amount of reading the manual or studying the forums can solve. I hope someone here can help shed some light on what’s going on or what I may be doing wrong.

Firstly, I am finding that the DA Browser consistently, ie without fail, crashes when I click on a link to a PDF file. (This is also happening to me in DevonThink Pro Office). The link executes, but stalls as it begins to load the pdf in the DA browser window, and the program then crashes. I have sent a support request with crash logs to our friendly developers, and look forward to hearing from them, but in the meantime I thought I’d check here in case someone had also experienced this and could offer a simple solution.

Secondly, the DA Browser fails to download citation files from bibliographical databses for importing into my bibliographical manager (Endnote 3). When I am in a familiar bibliographical database environment, and have chosen to download the citation for a relevant paper, I click on the site’s usual “export to Endnote” selection but nothing happens… no download of the tiny file to my hard-drive … just silence. I wonder if this is a javascript error of somekind? It works fine for me in both Firefox and Safari, bit not the DA browser.

Any thoughts?

Do you use the Acrobat Internet plug-in? This is not fully compatible to WebKit applications like DEVONthink/agent.

Do you have an example for me? Then I could check this over here, thanks!

Thanks Christian,

Please ignore my second issue. I realised that the problem is not with DevonAgent, but rather my confusion about the different behaviours between DA and Firefox. In Firefox, I have set the preference to automoatically open downloaded citation files in Endnote, so that they are automatically imported. I now realise that DA is downloading the file, but that I need to then manually import it into Endnote.

Is there a way to do this using DA?

Regarding the first issue, that DA crashes whenever I click on a PDF link: I am not sure if I am using the Acrobat Internet plugin. Can you tell me an easy way to find out? I have sent crashlogs in support ticket 907833.

Thanks for your response. :slight_smile:

Ah! You can ignore this too.

I dug around and found a preference in Acrobat Pro [Preferences/Internet/“Display PDF in browser…”] which I switched OFF. I am now successfully abe to download and view PDFs in DA and also in DevonThink Pro Office.

Thanks for your hint! You can also ignore my support ticket.

:smiley: :smiley:

No, that’s not (yet) possible.