Two pieces of AppleScript: one works, one fails—why?

No need to apologize!
Just the other day I belabored my parents with a diatribe on some changes I need to make to our documentation. When I was done, my father astutely said, “Sometimes it really helps to jus talk things through out loud.” :slight_smile:

PS: Are you showing extensions via DEVONthink’s Prefererences > General?

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Jim, you are always so kind and supportive: I can’t express how much that’s appreciated: thank you.

Yes - Show filename extensions is checked.


You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking that out.

Yes, excluding the extension from the string would be a good idea.

I would also suggest using the search form I mentioned. It’s basically the same as typing in a search in the toolbar search field, just tell DEVONthink to do it via AppleScript. You can edd search prefixes in the query to target Markdown files, just as you would in a normal search, so…

set foundRecord to (search "name:" & targetRecord & " kind:markdown") in (database "11")

would only return matching Markdown files.

Yes, I’ve done that, thanks.

That’s most helpful, thanks.

I think, at the end of this exhausting and exhaustive thread, we are home and dry…at last.


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This is insanely helpful information to have at hand–and I know I am never going to find it again when I actually need it…

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  • You can add a Discourse bookmark the post.
  • You can also capture the link to the post and create a bookmark in your DEVONthink database.
  • You could also capture the entire thread to DEVONthink.


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Now where might I put a piece of information I know I’ll need to find again… :thinking:

Wait…there’s an app for that! :boom:



Also, it is unfortunately inaccurate. You should consider the later post(s) by @alastor933 for bookmarking (if you are interested in the date issues, that is) rather than mine.


you people :slight_smile: I really enjoy being a part of this forum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


When I read this for the first time a text came to my mind, obviously forgot to post it.

It’s Über die allmähliche Verfertigung der Gedanken beim Reden by Heinrich von Kleist.

Here’s a translation On the gradual formation of thoughts in the process of speech.



And I have book here by Susan Sontag (her journal) of which the German name translated back to english is “I write to find out what I’m thinking about”. I work a lot to get myself to write in such away, using DT and paper notes and whatnot, but yes, I make my finest points and arguments when I’m speaking to others: speaking out loud in the presence of others, but it also works in speaking things out loud for yourself.

So I have to either speak it out loud for me and then write down what I said, or make this start to work when I write (which it hasn’t yet).

On the other hand, reading your quote and references and thinking made me write this forum post, and in it is a new thought I never had before. Or at least, not as clearly as before. But I wasn’t speaking, I wrote.