Two questions about indexed folders

I want to use DEVONthink to index notes in folders in my Dropbox. The notes have to be accessed by different programs, but I also want to keep everything inside DEVONthink, so Dropbox seems like the obvious solution.

Two problems with this.

  1. DEVONthink only updates the indexed folders when I tell it to. This relies on my remembering to do this regularly, and remembering isn’t exactly my strong suit.
    Could this somehow be automated?

  2. DEVONthink not only indexes the files I want, but also tons of .plist files.
    Is there a way to prevent them from being indexed (or displayed)?

It can be semi-automated. Strong emphasis on “semi”. Add the Synchronize trigger script to your indexed group. Sorry to not post the detail how to to this, but it’s covered endlessly in other forum posts you can search on, or maybe the manual. You still have to click the group name in DEVONthink to force the update … which is why it is very “semi”. :confused:

You didn’t mention what app created these “notes” or why there are lots of .plists associated with them. Seems like maybe a red flag, since it’s easy to inadvertently delete or change such a file? OTOH, there are plenty of note taking apps that just make rich- or plain-text notes and indexing them into DEVONthink works great.

The .plist files are created by Notebooks (the one by Alfons Schmid) to store info like color of background, font and so on. The notes themselves are .txt files.
Notebooks just feels comfy, far less database-ey, which is why I’d like to use it as my everyday note taking program.