Two Questions about Replicants

Firstly, if I have a file in a sub-group in a database, how do I replicate it to the “root” of the database? There doesn’t seem to be an option to do so in the contextual menu, unless I’m missing it somehow.

Secondly, say I have a file in its original location A, and I replicate it to some other location B (all in the same database). If I decide I don’t want the file to be replicated in location B any more, how do I remove the instance of the replicant in that location B, whilst keeping the other instance of the file in location A?

Ah, I’ve just realised the answer to my second question: I simply select the replicant I wish to delete and either select Data > Move to Trash (or use the contextual menu selection ‘Move to Trash’).

I was just selecting it and pressing the delete key, which throws a dialog asking me if I want to remove the item(s) to trash, which of course I do, but it seems “Move to Trash” has different consequences for replicants depending on whether you evoke it by selecting Data > Move to Trash/using the contextual menu selection ‘Move to Trash’, or by simply pressing the delete key, which confusingly, is also seen as a “move to trash” and which actually removes both replicants :neutral_face:

But I shall just select Data > Move to Trash (or use the contextual menu selection ‘Move to Trash’). I also see that command-delete (as opposed to just delete) has my desired consequence. It’s all a bit confusing but I got there in the end.

But that leaves my first question.


For your first question, what happens when you:

  1. select the file you want to replicate
  2. right or Ctrl-click on it
  3. slide down (or up) the menu which appears until you come to the location (e.g. the top level of your DT database)
  4. single-left-click on the icon for that level?

That works for me… I can always see my root level.

(Please forgive me if these instructions are over-simple for your level of expertise; am assuming you may be new to DT.)

Good luck!

Right-clicking on the file in question and choosing “Replicate To” shows a submenu of destinations, but they’re all groups: nowhere is the actual root database.

I notice that “Duplicate To” does have the root database as a destination, but “Replicate To” does not.

Can you send a screenshot of your contextual menu showing the root level of the database showing under the “Replicate To” contextual (right-clicked) menu?

Command-Option-drag from one location to another in the same database to replicate it.

Ah, a different method for the root - what a drag. Thank you.

You’re welcome.