Two requests for 2.0

  1. Navigation to use the same keyboard commands as the Finder, for overall consistency. Right now, DT does not use all the same key commands to drill down and up in the file system as the Finder and I find this confusing, I often forget the special ones for DT. I’m not sure there is a good reason for it being different…

  2. For DTP, the ability to clip info using the Services (or keyboard shortcut) into various databases directly. So, for instance, I could clip an item directly into either a “Work” or “Personal” database. This would require the ability to set up customizable keyboard shortcuts so a user could manage this with multiple databases. (CP NoteBook has had the ability, for years, to set up custom clippings to specific files and even pages.) Or, not as ideal, would be an option to bring up a dialogue window in the clipping process which would allow the user to select which database the clipping should go into.

Thanks, looking forward to 2.0