Two short questions regarding finding and editing files

I use Devonthink a lot. But due to my sometimes somehow unfocused workflow I need to hop quickly. Here, I have two minor hurdles which I haven‘t been able to overcome quickly:

  1. If I am writing something in a document, is there a way to „jump“ to the place of the file in Devonthink? Sometimes I am writing something but on the top I have already changed the file/database/inbox. Is there a button go „jump“ to the file I am working in right now so I can quickly go to it?
  2. If I am writing in the editor, can I open the document in an external app without finding the file? So just a shortcut from the editor to quickly open the file somewhere else?

See Data > Reveal in Database or shortcut Cmd-R.

E.g. via Data > Open With or shortcut Cmd-Shift-O.