Two simple beginner's questions

Hi guys,

I actually only have two simple questions concerning DT Personal (2.0pb4) that I cannot figure out:

  1. How can I modify the sorting of the folders in the left panel of the three panes view? Let’s say I have “Abc”, “Bcd”, “Cde” and “Def” but because I’m a visual person I would like to move “Cde” to the top of the folder list. I simply cannot figure out how to do it. If I put “Unsorted” in the context-menu of the left panel I still cannot re-order the folders. Is this possible at all?

  2. How can I make a keyboard based quick entry? I just want to hit ctrl+alt+apple+space or whatever wherever I am (with DT running) and it should open up a new note to enter to add to the database. I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

(mind you, both MacJournal and Journler can do that and I got addicted to that very easy way of adding new information)


As a fellow visual person I can address number 1, which I have been dealing with in computing ever since I left the world of IBM punchcards. In order to send a folder/file to the top of the list, I prefix the name with a dash. If your needs are more complicated, consult a list of ASCII characters and their decimal equivalents.

Ouch, I was hoping I would not have to resort to that :slight_smile:


I think DTech has mentioned it might be supported in a future version, but maybe I’m wrong.

At present unsorted order is not supported in three pane view. That’s why I stick to the split-view where I can drag files around to my liking. But I read requests for having this work in three pane view quite often. So it might be posible in future update.

You could try the note widget that comes within the extras folder.
Otherwise this is (at present) only possible by switching to DTP and pressing one of the Shortcuts from the Data>New menu (this would be scriptable via AppleScript if you want to have one step only).
A quick note feature is as well a thing that has been requested quite often during the beta now. I heard rumors that there is something coming … stay tuned.


If you don’t mind using a script–not as easy as keyboard–here is one from another DTPO user that I use as a workaround for the moment.

tell application “DEVONthink Pro”
display dialog “Title of new note:” default answer “” buttons {“Cancel”, “OK”} default button 2
set theTitle to the text returned of the result
display dialog “Text of new note:” default answer “” buttons {“Cancel”, “OK”} default button 2
set theText to the text returned of the result
set theNote to create record with {name:theTitle, type:txt, plain text:theText}
end tell

I installed the script in my general scripts folder under DT so it’s accessible regardless of which program I’m in.