Two small problems caused by splitting the database

I’m sorry to disturb you all, just want to ask if these two old problems are still unresolved. So as to ensure stability, I had to split some oversized databases by year. For example, database A,B,C to databases A2019,A2020,B,C.

  • The first question is: How to search in multiple database?
    If I want to search in A only, I need to add A2019 and A2020 in the smart group “Search in”, but it seems that there is no way to do so. Although the global smart folder can search items in all databases, it is still not very accurate to me.

  • The second question is: How to organize tags with the same name?
    Although the database has been split, the same tag system is used. The method I thought of was to create a global smart folder for each tag with the same name. It just felt a bit cumbersome. I wonder if there is an better way?

Do you want to search or create a smart group? For searching you could select the desired groups in the sidebar.

The Tags filter (see Tools > Filter) might be one.

Oh, this is a great way! Thank you!

Maybe I don’t know how to use it. I have many databases that unchecked Exclude group from tag, so there will be many group tags on this window, which is a little messy. :crazy_face:

I saw some people have similar problems in the forum, and some people suggested that tags should be independent elements that do not depend on the database.

Currently, this problem can be partially solved by creating a global smart group. I have an immature idea to share with you…

I’m a beginner in script, just don’t know if this idea is feasible~

Take a look at Script: Create or change smart group(s)

Especially this part (checking if a record at a location exists) could be useful:

You’ll have to study the script on your own :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply~ it is very useful to me!! :rose:

For me as well!!