Two sorter questions

I’ve managed to shrink the sorter to one row and three columns but I can’t make it bigger again. I tried resizing it in all ways I can come up with but apparently I’m forgetting some way of doing this - how can I resize? (for example I thought the “resize corner” would do this but nothing seem to happen)

Second question: is there some way of changing icon size for the sorter … when open it takes a lot screen space and I would like to make it smaller so it’s easier to use with other programs. From what I can find in the forums this isn’t possible but personally I think it would be an advantage to be able to do this

If all else fails, quit/hide the Sorter. In Home > Library > Preferences delete the file named “com.devon-technologies.think.plist”. Now open/show the Sorter.

No. But I find the Sorter icon becomes unobtrusive when I move it just above the bottom of the scrollbar near the bottom right side of my screen. I can drag the scrollbar ‘through’ the Sorter icon. See the snapshot:
Sorter location.jpg

Thanks, I remove the plist. Unfortunately I can’t move the Sorter to the right edge since I already got my dock there