Two suggestions on 3.0 wide screen mode

Two changes to consider for future 3.0 update for smoother user experience:
(1) I find that it is harder to find the right spot at the border of panes for adjusting the pane’s width in 3.0 than most other apps. Perhaps consider to adding a handle at the border, or widen the sensitive region, or any clever solution?
(2) As many 3.0 testers have mentioned, wide screen mode is very convenient for reviewing info and taking note at the same time. But the font in the annotation pane can be hard to read. For example, I’m using 12.0 or 13.0 pt font size in all notes, a size that is suitable for printing but is hard to read in the annotation pane when using 27" 5k iMac or 32" 4k monitor. I hope that we can adjust the zoom in future updates.

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Agree! Let me add that it would be nice to be able to enlarge the Inspector Pane (Annotation) to say 50% of the (wide) screen. Currently, the maximum seems to be ca. 30% of the screen.

Perhaps in next 12 months there will be one more side-by-side tab/section in the inspector bar that allows user to view the same document in different page!

As an aside, were you aware of the script ‘Open in Two Windows’ (in the Scripts Edit menu) – you have to rearrange the windows, it’s not as convenient as an inspector panel, but it does allow you to get two views on the same document.

Thanks for the suggestion, I am using open in two windows all the time. The annotation pane is just giving us room for imagination…
PS: the script is wonderful and clever, but is more suitable for one-display setup. I think the bound properties of macOS (aggregated resolution only, I think) makes it very difficult for any app to distinguish the different resolution of two displays and which display is the active app located. So some custom adjustment in the script is required when user (like me) are using dual-screen set-up.

Or open the annotation in its own window and use macOS’ split view.

Fair enough – I’m always finding useful scripts in the menu that I didn’t realise were there…

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You can launch in a second window simply by double clicking on an item and it will load in that window.

But it’s not an active window which relates back to the original window.

ie what might be interesting is if you selected a different item in the main window and the second window updated to display that. I could see using the ‘None’ Preview mode and such a second window in a two-monitor setup.