Two sync problems

I have DTP Office (v. 2.11) on both my desktop iMac and my MacBook Pro. I have DTTG (v. 2.7) on my iPhone and iPad.

I synch with iCloud. Generally, the way I work is to put items into my global inbox. Then, a couple of times a week, I move those items to the appropriate groups in my three databases.

The first thing I noticed that was strange, was a couple of months ago, when I first set up synching with iCloud, when I moved items from the global inbox to groups in the databases, they didn’t move from the inbox to the groups on either of my DTTG apps on the iPhone or iPad. I wanted to write to the forum about this, but hadn’t got around to it.

I decided to write today, but before I did, I wanted to try a little experiment. With DTPO on the MacBook, I clipped a page from Safari to the global inbox. I then quit DTPO on the MacBook and opened it on the iMac. The page I clipped was, indeed in the MacBook inbox. Then I checked DTTG on the iPad and iPhone, and the clipped page was in those respective inboxes a well. Thus far all was well.

Then I went back to DTPO on the MacBook and moved that clipped item from the global inbox to a group in one of my databases. When I checked DTPO on my iMac and DTTG on the iPad and iPhone, the item was indeed gone from the global inbox, but was NOT in the group in the database to where I had moved it on the MacBook. It essentially disappeared. I’ve searched for it on all three machines, but it appears to be gone.

In the meantime, all those items that had been in the global inboxes in DTTG on the two mobile devices are still there. They never get moved to where the were moved in DTPO, nor have they disappeared.

Does anyone have an explanation for what might be going on, that is: 1) why the clipped page from this morning disappeared everywhere other than from the machine it was clipped on, and 2) why all those items that had been move from the global inbox previously did move where they should have in DTPO but are still in the inboxes in DTTG?


You are describing abnormal behavior. You should start a support ticket so we can look at the logs. Thanks.