Two sync-stores for the same database?

I’m using a Raspberry Pi to hold a nextcloud personal cloud, and I need to access it from both my home and the outside (internet). When I am at home, the Pi is connected to the main wifi network, and I can sync a DT database via webdav sync store using something like: When I go outside, I remove the Pi from that network and connect it to my guest wifi network, which has a different IP (, therefore segregating it from the other devices. I don’t know if keep switching the device between private and guest networks is all that secure, but I don’t seem to be able to access it from other devices when it’s on the guest network (even if other devices are there too).

But the question is: is it troublesome to have 2 sync stores, with different addresses, but with the same name and pointing to the same webdav server? Or is this whole thing a bad idea?


What is the point of having the same sync store name?
It shouldn’t be problematic but it’s potentially confusing to look at.

Just made a quick test and seems to work. DT merges both sync stores. As for the question, it is the same data, i.e., in my nextcloud files I have only one DT file (for ex. Pi4.dtCloud). If I had 2 sync stores with different names, I would end having 2 DT files on my nextcloud, is it right? (for example, I could have Pi4-local.dtCloud and Pi4-remote.dtCloud) – but both of them would contain the same database.

I have only one DT file (for ex. Pi4.dtCloud)

Just to be clear, that is the sync store of which you only have one, so it’s technically not merging both sync stores. You’re just accessing the same one via two sync locations. If it works and makes sense to you, I don’t see any particular issue with it (though @cgrunenberg could chime in if he saw something I don’t.).

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That’s fully supported - a sync store could be a local one on one machine and accessed via WebDAV on another etc.

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Thank you for your clarifications - I’m more assured now, altought this data is not critical (and is backed up in other locations). It’s great that DT supports this setup, I am still trying to see if I can make things simpler but for now this works well.

You could also use the server / computer name your Raspberry Pi in DevonThink. With this you would not need two SyncStores as the computer name will be the same

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Thanks for the suggestion. I may have been a bit unprecise on the statement “When I go outside, I remove the Pi from that network and connect it to my guest wifi network, which has a different IP (”.

In order to access my guest wifi network from the outside I had to map that dynamic IP ( to a “real” url which resolves to it. And this url is what my second sync store on DT uses.