Two tiny bugs?

Just two faint wrinkles that I came across recently:

  1. I renamed a number of .txt files to .md using the “Rename” script and, following this action, I tried to update/create the miniatures (vignettes) of the new .md files. However this seems impossible to do: the command is available (not greyed out) but it doesn’t quite do anything. Notably, .md files retain the icon that they had prior to their conversion to .txt.

  2. The Classification and See Also panes are separated by a horizontal bar that is draggable, allowing adjustments to the relative sizes of the two panes. For example, I rarely need the Classification pane and prefer to shrink it completely out of view, allowing maximum screen estate for the See Also pane. The trouble is, these adjustments are lost once I browse a file in a different folder—in those cases the slider reverts to the default layout (50% Classification, 50% See Also). A bug, I presume?

DEVONthink uses Quick Look to generate preview icons, therefore this would require a third-party Quick Look plugin for Markdown files.

That’s a known issue, the position of the panes is not yet persistent.

Fletcher Penney provides a good MultiMarkdown QL previewer

There are several alternatives on GitHub

Thanks to both. I hope the pane sizes will be made persistent in a forthcoming release.

@korm, I’ve had the plugin installed for sometime but suspected there is an issue with my installation—and my icons problem corroborates it. I might have to restart the machine. (Yes, I have run $ qlmanage -r.)